Bathtub water heater


Immersion Water Heater, 1500W Electric Water Heater with Stainless Steel Protective Cover, Submersible Instant Hot Water Heater for Pool, Bucket, Portable Bathtub, Basin, Winter Washing

-The tube body is evenly heated and heated quickly.
-High power and low heating time.
-Intelligent temperature control, when the water temperature is reached, it will automatically power off, and it is safe and secure.
-The inner core of the stainless steel heating tube is combined with magnesium-oxide as the insulating and heat conducting material, which has more uniform fan heat and high durability.
-The outside of the heating tube is made of stainless steel protective shell, and the heating tube is not exposed to prevent burns caused by heat of the product.
-The back indicator light is designed, the red light is on during work, and the work is automatically extinguished.
-Energy saving and environmental protection, stable heating power and low power consumption